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PS Vita & Apple TV (Giveaway)

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The holidays are approaching, and we are feeling giving this time of year.

First off, we are giving away a 2nd generation Apple TV that is jailbroken on 5.1.2. RIght now they are hard to find and go for hundreds on eBay. Secondly we are giving away a Playstation Vita for all you hardcore gamers out there. On top of those, we are giving away two $25 iTunes gift cards, VIP upgrades, as well as vouchers for lifetime accounts that you can give to friends so that they can use our awesome service too!

Entering is super easy! - (No Twitter or Facebook required)

All you have to do is reply to this thread letting us know what you want for Christmas :)

Extra entries!

Oh, and on top of the possible 14 free entires you can receive*, for every dollar you donate using THIS LINK, you will receive 1 entry.

There are a few rules however...

- Giveaway ends on December the 14th, and winners will be announced on December the 15th. Expected to ship prizes the following Monday, in time for the winners to receive them by Christmas.

- *You may ONLY reply once a day to this topic (So in total you will have 14 entries by contest-end). Any more then one entry per day will result in removal.

- You ARE allowed to post once on both TV Land, and Movie Land if you have purchased a subscription on both sites (so that means if you have a subscription on both sites, you have a possible 28 free entries).

- Entries between TV Land, and Movie Land subscribers will be combined together.

- You HAVE to have an active subscription with us in order to participate. If you are viewing this giveaway thread as a guest, or do not have a subscription, you can easily purchase one by using THIS LINK.

- This giveaway is worldworld, but in the result of someone outside of North America winning, they will be asked to pay for shipping to their country.

Prize List is as follows

1x PS Vita

1x Apple TV

2x $25 iTunes Gift Card

5x VIP Upgrade

5x Lifetime Voucher for a Friend

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to be with my family and enjoy watching a brand new apple TV and spenf the rest of the day playing with PS vita..must be a good time sharing what we have

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