As you may have noticed we have migrated to the finally finished new website. Our backend is completely rebuilt from the ground up, and because of that every single user must reset their password before they can log in for the first time on this site. Follow this link to do that now (if you haven’t already).

Some subscribers may notice that their subscription was not transfered over with their account. If you notice that this has happened to you please don’t panic, just contact us and we will manually add your subscription to your account. You can contact us through live chat, or our contact page (linked below).

Also, a reminder that any subscriptions with auto-renewals currently active with PayPal must be cancelled. You can do this via PayPal’s website. Once your subscription ends please start a new auto-renewal.

TV shows have not been transfered over quite yet. We are brainstorming the best way to display and present them here. For now you can use the old website for TV shows and UFC.


If there are any concerns or questions feel free to shoot us an email or hop on live chat.