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UFC Section For VIP's

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This morning I opened up the new UFC section for VIP subscribers. This includes over 200+ videos of PPVs and special events such as the ultimates.

If you are currently a lifetime subscriber, you will have to upgrade to have access to this section, you can do so here: http://movie.idevcre...p-subscription/

If you are already a VIP, you can head over to the UFC section (on the main forum page, or there is a dedicated top tab if you're on mobile). If you are already a VIP and you would like to donate, you're more then welcome to as this is a unique one-of-a-kind addition... not found anywhere on the internet. You can donate here: http://movie.idevcre...ction=donations

Just another reason to become VIP and enjoy it's many benefits :)

NOTE: There are a few people that I have manually fixed their account in the past that will not be able to access this section, if this is you... post below and I will fix your account :)

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