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Found 1 result

  1. cperkins87

    Guide:Stream movies to PS3 / PS4

    ps3 is the easiest one : follow guide below. ps4 is possible but youl need to pay for premium plex 5$a month (there maybe a way around but not yet) PS4 METHOD - all you have to do is go to where you download games, demos and apps, search for plex download it and open it and follow steps on screen PS3 METHOD -save movies to a flash drive under a folder named VIDEO make sure its all capps. it plays all movies from movieland so like this D:/VIDEO go to https://plex.tv/downloads and download it for your pc or mac, download and instal and set it up. follow steps here right click on plex server icon in task bar in right hand corner near clock its always running in background its a media server.. right click on it and hit media manager click media server and click + sign at top left click movies and name it movies or whatever. it will recocnize any video files next screen ask to find a folder look for folder where movies are saved like c:/users/admin/movies or c:/desktop/movies select that and it will scan for all files and show them to use this on ps3 go to settings then click network and allow media server at bottom enable it sometimes ps3 make you re enable it after every reboot once reboot go to video and scroll down wait a few seconds look for plex to appear if not reboot both pc and ps3, should work then SEE PIX BELOW FOR VISUAL STEPS