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  1. Whats New 01/20 - 1/29 - Part 1

    Did you put up DC sniper 23 days of fear? i can't find it..
  2. Chloe

    I can't download it
  3. The Tunnel

    Awesome movie
  4. Juice

    A urban classic!
  5. Ads

    Hey,im vip and am still seeing ads? thanx hokese
  6. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

    Does this have subtitles on it so u can understand the apes?
  7. Flash of Genius

    Based on the true story,and the LONG battle between inventor of the windscreen wiper/dwell,robert kearns and ford motor company. Basicly they stole his design. Its a good movie,some parts do draw out tho.
  8. New Jack City

    A raw look at a how a drug cartel take over a whole appartment building,and the sorty of the rise and fall of nino brown
  9. Class Act

    If u like kid n play,or like any 1 of the house party 1-3 movies,then u will love this. Great movie
  10. Blackfish

    Watch this doco,it will change yr views on the so called "orca lovers" named seaworld. They are simple ruthless money hungry in humane people.
  11. Hangin' with the Homeboys

    Excellent feel good movie. About brothahood,and just a simple night on the town,then dosent turn out as they planed.
  12. Strapped

    BOOOM,1 of my all time fav movies. Yes its a b grade movie,BUT very well done. Simple plot,but the movie keeps u watching.
  13. Disorganized Crime

    Great classic comedy
  14. Lockdown

    The link worked fine for me. Great movie too
  15. Dirty Deeds (2002)

    Top aussie comedy,about a attempted take over by the mob on local gambling places,stocking poker machines. Great movie