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  1. whats new page states does to exist when i click?

    I'm on my computer and its not showing up.
  2. whats new page states does to exist when i click?

    When we click whats new on the site there no link of movies like the old site http://movie.idevcreations.com/index.php?/page/updates.html
  3. Removing the ads

    I'm guessing how it works. Once you pay for the ads to be removed pro or sen will go in and disabled them. Cause once you pay they don't automatically get removed.
  4. newbie to this service

    @ MovieBuff745 Go to movies, look through the listing or type in a title you have in mind, click download and it'll play. You can save the download if you want or just watch it and be done. If it says DVD or Blu-Ray next to it that's probably good quality. Web Rip is often good. TS means Telesync and is often good. CAM refers to a camera, may not be the best but can often be fine if you're just eager to see a recent theatre released movie.
  5. Subtitles in movies

    Like I said before it's probably the copy of the video. Usually their will be another copy of the movie in a few weeks. What movie did you have trouble viewing.
  6. TV Land - please read

    They've aware of this already and getting it fix.
  7. Apple TV issues

    Yes I have Apple TV it work fine for me last night when I was watching Home. One thing you might check is see if you can update it maybe that's why.
  8. Apple TV issues

    Did you try a different movie.
  9. All movies

  10. All movies

    Did you right click where it says download
  11. MovieLand Spam

    if you got to his page just hit flagged as spammer.
  12. Ps4

    Thanks for sharing hope this helps with some people on here.
  13. Change my user name/login name

    You can change your display name I know that.
  14. Subtitles in movies

    Probably how the movie was copy. I would wait until they put a dvd quality out to watch it.