Website Overhaul

Website Overhaul

senators24March 18, 2021

Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago we decided to change the layout of the website to improve speed performance as well as aesthetics – this turned out to be more of a nightmare than we thought. With issues server-side and constant bugs, we decided to build Movie Land from the ground up.

After weeks of constant development, here is the new website! We promise that we will not be changing the layout into the foreseeable future, as we know our members aren’t fond of huge visual changes all the time (who is?). We have some exciting features and improvements to share with everyone with the launch of this new design:

  • Website speeds have increased roughly 800%
  • Registration and account management has been simplified
  • Billing agreements have been brought back so that members don’t have to worry about renewing manually
  • Members can now opt to checkout on our site directly instead of being directed to PayPal
  • TV Shows are back – Limited at the moment, but you can request a show from the requests page and we’ll get it back up as quick as possible
  • Search has been vastly improved and now displays results as you type
  • NEW: Requests Page – Members can now search for a title and request the exact movie/show they would like. Other members can see active requests and when they are fulfilled
  • NEW: Movie Page – You can now filter directly from the movie page (genre, release date, title)
  • NEW: Rating System – Members can now rate movies they watch, as well as leave comments/reviews for other members
  • NEW: Report System – From any video page, members can now report a video (broken link, wrong video file, no sound, etc.)
  • NEW: Actor/Director Pages – Members can now click/tap on their favorite actor or director (from any video page) and view other related movies/shows by that person
  • NEW: Top Movies/Shows – On the home page you will now see top movies/shows. This is automatically updated daily based on IMDB ratings.
  • NEW: Favorites – Members can now mark a video as a “favorite”. All favorited videos will be added to your “Favorites” section of your member dashboard

We have done our best to keep everyone’s memberships attached to their account, but there are quite a few accounts that were not able to have their membership migrated. Please send us a message from the Support page and we’ll get you back up and running ASAP. We haven’t had much time to respond to emails up until now, and we apologize for that. If you have sent us an email in the last few days, please send another using the new support form, or email us directly. Please note that we will be prioritizing subscription related support emails at this time.

We hope that everyone enjoys the new design and added features. Now that the new design is launched, we can focus on adding more content and engaging with our community.

To celebrate our redesign — as well as our 10th year of Movie Land, we are offering our valued members 20% off any subscription of their choice. Simply use the coupon code below during checkout.


There is also an alternative coupon code that will unlock 10% off our yearly subscription, forever. Use this coupon and you will receive 10% off for the entirety of your subscription. This coupon expires 30 days from now.


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I paid for of service a year of service. Why am I asked to sign up again?


i’ve already paid also


I am having the same issue. I paid for a year subscription and it is charging me monthly as well. But I can not log in it is asking me to pay for the service again.


Ditto…asking me to subscribe and my membership is good through October 1, 2021. My email is Also, “Billions” from Showtime. Thanks in advance for helping.


My yearly subscription was good through August and I had to sign up again in March.


I also paid for an annual (my 1st ever) subscription back in July 2020….I was asked to subscribe again in December 2020…..which I did coz I thought this site is value for money. But asked to do so again! Ive sent numerous emails via ‘support’ and have received no acknowledgement at all.


How to download the movie now? Please help, anyone?


Oh! Also….I forgot to mention as well as all of the above that my password not working/acknowledging
with my email. I know 100% what they are and how to spell them! So apart from (ALL) that All Good!