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Whats New 12/01/17

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*Updated (1080p) - 300
*Updated (1080p) - 300: Rise of an Empire
*Updated (1080p) - End of Watch
*Updated (1080p) - Gladiator (Extended)
*Updated (1080p) - Hit and Run
*Updated (720p) - Man on a Ledge
*Updated (1080p) - Pompeii
*Updated (1080p) - Premium Rush
*Updated (720p) - Savages
*Updated (1080p) - Ted
*Updated (720p) - The Dark Knight Rises
*Updated (720p) - The Man with the Iron Fists
*Updated (720p) - The Watch
*New (720p) - Better Watch Out
*New (720p HC) - The Foreigner

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