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  1. Browse drop box (ipad)

    When I select the browse link and get the drop box I can not then select any of the options.
  2. TV Land - please read

    Not sure exactly who runs TV Land but I am unable to access anything on the site. I can not even sign out. I am even unable to access the tech support. This is why I am reaching out to you. I continued to get redirected to prepayligh.su some pharmacy site. Site won't let me change password. *Please advise
  3. Kung Fu Jungle

    good copy, just can't understand a word being said.
  4. America: Imagine the World Without Her

    Still not working?
  5. CAS

    Understood, many article were ambiguous on its meaning. Question was a quick clearifacation on the matter.
  6. CAS

    How does Copyright Alert System come into play on this site?
  7. Not sure if this is exactly the same. How does Copyright Alert System come into play?