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  1. Roku channel?

    Any plans to maybe dev an app for android and put it on aptoid or some other third party App Store for android? Thanks.
  2. Ghost in the Shell

    All it does it buffer or stutter for me.
  3. Split

    Got it working on one of my droid phones via web browser using casting to tv feature but not via movie land app (cydia) or other means on the device itself.
  4. Split

    I have iPhones and android phones. I can't get audio. How can I fix this? Thanks! And welcome back!
  5. Split

    This has no audio like other sources on the net.
  6. Congo

    It's in another language?
  7. Movieland app

  8. Movieland app

    It's working perfectly?
  9. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

    Won't play either
  10. Side Effects

    Audio issues?
  11. Parker

    No audio in this movie
  12. Star Trek: Nemesis

    Audio is too low in most if not all of these Star Trek movies
  13. The Lords of Salem

    No audio when they speak
  14. Twin Falls Idaho

    Wrong movie ?
  15. Promised Land

    Some audio issues