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  1. Lion

    Can you add subtiles? Looks like a great movie but I have no idea what they're saying.
  2. Dragon Blade

    Great quality.....bad movie.
  3. The Judge

    I agree, great acting.
  4. Joe

    Good movie, 7.5 out 10.
  5. The Hangover Part III

    So that you guys know, if you use the regular media player on your computer sometimes there will be no sound and all you need to do is use another type of media player like VLC and that should fix your sound problems. its because of the sound plugins on your media player are not compatible, I believe that is the issue.
  6. The Return of the Living Dead

    WOW I didn't know this was a true story!! LOL
  7. War Witch

    Is this movie suppose to have subtitles?
  8. PS Vita & Apple TV (Giveaway)

    Anyhting would very nice!! I been with you guys for years and you guys are the best!!! Thank you.