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  1. did you get a chance to post Valarin? I haven't seen it up yet? Thanks

  2. Logan

    Nice copy but terrible movie, made no sense.
  3. Is TV land ever going to be updated? Also Miracles from heaven and te boss were requested movies that are still not up? I hope you are okay, it seems like the sites are running behind? The new theme looks nice though. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay, I have been a member and advertiser of your site for a long time. Let me know if I can help. 

  4. Burlesque

    Loved it
  5. I really like the site, I always encourage others to join. Thank you for everything

  6. PS Vita & Apple TV (Giveaway)

    I want my kids to have a nice Christmas. I would like to have a big family Christmas with my sisters and brother since we all live in different states.
  7. Hotel Transylvania

    Really nice quality. Really cute movie