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  1. can someone please add another link to watch tom hardy in legend please my phone wont let me get past the first 40 seconds and im dying to watch this movie. please and thank you
  2. This movie doesn't play past the first few minutes. What happened?
  3. Why does this video stop playing after only 1 minute in?
  4. Cant watch this movie it skipps 5 mins into it can u fix it thanks and same thing w the hills have eyes one and two
  5. Fix it i want to watch
  6. Good movie
  7. Did a real quick check seemed to stream fine on my phone. But some of my devices like iPhone 5 seem to have trouble in general movies start then stop every few seconds. But iPhone 4 and ipad mini work perfectly. So it may just be your device in my experience.
  8. Scotty doesn't know
  9. Why don't the sound work?
  10. I want a red rider BB gun for Christmas.
  11. Audio out of sync
  12. Vocal sound is messed up
  13. Sound seems to be bad