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  1. Welcome back, I had the faith and knew you'd be back online!!!! :))))))

    1. Easternsher


      What happened to the servers?




    2. Senators24


      An email was sent out with an explination :)

  2. Its good to dream , its good to wish I would love World Peace and Food for all and not pay for taxes. This would make a christmas like no other in history. I have a dream said once a wise man
  3. Seek and you shall find

  4. Excuse the spelling mistakes lol. Come on guys lets get this back on the road. Regardless of my comments still one of the best sites on iphone. 8/10 once fixed will be 10/10
  5. I download 127hrs from 1pm to 1930pm in uk. Look how long that is and even though i managed to get a 100% download it wont work through any of my download mgrs. Ive tried safari downloader and downlite n down pro. The link to this fim is defo broken. Streaming is just shit and does not go past 8-9 secs. I understand the issues u have but really iver seas or not how lkng can people really wait. U say one date and then no results. Then u state another date n still no fast speeds. Many people are right. I will wait why becoz i have no choice. The was a great site and am sure it will prevail again. I just hole its sooner than later. Yo vas got it cnt watch it lol
  6. Hi all im to suffering the same prob and am a lifetimer. Help. Senator pls advise why it only streams wen we hit the download green bar???
  7. Still unable to direct download only goea to streaming but the streaming then freezea big time. Tried to watch 127hrs and didnt get past 0.08 secs. Pls advise wen i anticipate things to be smooth again. Also can someone pls help n adivise how do i download the movie on to iphone and not stream. Thanks
  8. I have faith u will be back as norm. Toms ur a dick and take a chill pill u dummy