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    • cannot login to tvland
      Can you please help me login in to my tv land account. I read the message that everything was deleted. Could you help me set up the account and send me login details to my email? When i try to re register i get an error message that says that my email is already in use and i cannot continue to the next re register step.
    • New webpage layout and functionality sucks!
      Hey Pro, sorry for not getting back sooner. Thank you for the labels. True to my word I donated $50 towards the server. As far as the layout goes, I find that it does not flow well and needs to be more intuitive. When you first login the most important thing is the new movies, both in theatre, as well as what has been uploaded. I liked with the old layout how when you selected "movies", you were presented with a summary of "newly added" as well as "most popular" etc. that you could screen scroll through to view more. I used that all the time. Next, the ability to filter was very useful when combing through movies. The layout allowed for more movies to be presented on the screen at one time since having to click "next" to view more is a pain in the but that nobody likes.  The only thing that I would have improved on with the old layout was that you had to first choose a genre, or a sub section before you could filter on things like; most popular, or most recent, etc. I always thought it would have been better to not have an "older" movie section and just keep all of the together, because, what is the demarcation between old and new(er) really defined as anyway?. I still like having options such as genre, and recently added, but just not having to go to an "older" area and then choose though those types of menus again. Lastly, the search feature was awesome and worked very well, that is one you figured out to select "movies" when searching on Movieland, and "forums" when using "Tvland". Overall, I just want to say that for what I paid I really can't complain and have recieved entertainment in value many times over the low cost of the excellent service you provide. In the various times I have donated for servers over the years it is almost out of guilt for getting so much from a lifetime membership that was so inexpensive. So thanks for everything Pro and especially for getting those labels back. I appreciate it!
    • CAN YOU PLEASE!!!!!!!!
      Can you guys PLEASE update the tv land site I have been asking for weeks now;if you guys are not updating that site just let us know so we can quit fucking begging 
    • Ads
      Hey,im vip and am still seeing ads? thanx hokese
    • Upgraded to VIP
      I upgraded to VIP in July and I still see advertisements.  Please help.  Thank you!